Is it the Same Thing or Different? You Decide

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PRIMER PRODUCTS: Think of pouring down cement before building a house. Primer products are used first to create the foundation to the hair strand so you get bulk, strength and fullness.

Styling Products: Products that are designed to be worked through the hair while slightly damp or almost dry. Like Pastes, Creams, Clays and Pomades.

Finishing Products: Products that are normally used on dry hair to create flexible to maximum hold or to add Shine. Products like hair sprays, texture sprays, spray shines or oils.

What’s the difference between Cocktailing vs. Layering? And which could be right for you.

•Cocktailing product is taking two or more products adding them into your hands and breaking them down together. The benefit is getting what you need from each product but hard to figure out what product is really doing what for you. Cocktailing product has its advantages if you need to emulsify or add more of one thing to your primary product. Like if you had a matte product and it was to dry you could add an oil/creme base product to get something more pliable.

•Layering product is knowing what ever product that hits the cuticle first will be the primary product and absorbed the quickest thus giving you the most benefit of that product. Than you layer on the next product knowing already you set the foundation to you what your hair needed. Layering has its advantages also cause for those who need extra energy in there hair(fine hair or thick hair) your product choice will be different in the beginning than adding on.