Does He, or Doesn’t He?

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Are you starting to see the shiny trails of grey or silver in your hair and are not sure if you should color?

If you have thought about coloring your hair, there are options you should know about. 

Let’s look at your options!

There are different types of hair color that will give you different finishes. These guidelines can help you decide what finish you would like to achieve and what is your best product option. 


Sheer – A sheer finish gives a slight tone to your white and grey hair. This finish will not create a line of demarcation and has the most graceful grow out. Maintenance would be at your discretion. If you are not liking what you see, apply color.  


Blended – A blended finish will deliver level and tone that can make your white hair appear highlighted. There will be a slight shift in your natural and will have a line of demarcation. You will need to maintain every 6 – 7 weeks.


Opaque – An Opaque finish covers grey and white hair completely. A strong line of demarcation will appear as your hair grows out.  The maintenance would be 3 – 4 weeks to keep grey and white hair at bay.


Temporary Rinse – a Temporary Rinse is applied to clean hair and left. This color sits on the top of the hair shaft. This product will give you a sheer finish.

These temporary rinses normally last from shampoo to shampoo. There are rinses that last longer the more you use them. They can be accumulative depending on the brand and frequency of use. There is no mixing with this type of product. Perfect for the low maintenance guy!


Demi Permanent – A Demi-Permanent Color goes a bit deeper into the hair shaft and lasts up to 6-7 weeks.This product will give you a blended finish. There is a developer mixed with the color. The developer lifts the top layer of the hair shaft and allows the color to sit under the top layer. If you want a bit more coverage, this is definitely for you!


Permanent – A Permanent color completely penetrates the hair shaft and gives an opaque finish. There is a line of demarcation which requires maintenance within 3 – 4 weeks.

There is a developer mixed with the color. Maximum coverage and more maintenance!


With all the options available, you can make the best decision on what product, finish and maintenance is right for you.

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