Is it the Same Thing or Different? You Decide

PRIMER PRODUCTS: Think of pouring down cement before building a house. Primer products are used first to create the foundation to the hair strand so you get bulk, strength and fullness. Styling Products: Products that are designed to be worked through the hair while slightly damp or almost dry. Like Pastes, Creams, Clays and Pomades. […]

Tired of playing the guessing game for the right product?

Are you considered a collector of random products and building a museum shelf inside your bathroom cabinet. Here’s a GRAY•LABL guide in helping you choose the desired styling products. POMADESPomades are incredibly versatile, offering a wet, shiny look while maintaining a pliable hold. Though not right for fine hair, they’re perfect for sleek, well-groomed styles or […]

The Most Important Weapon on the Battlefield…Blowdryer!

Gentleman having the right tools in the bathroom is just as important as not nicking your junk while personal grooming. If you don’t already own a blowdryer it’s time to invest, trust me owning one of these sexy hot tools will impress the opposite sex. A blowdryer is essential on getting the right style to […]