I once heard, “If you want to change the world or change your life… start a business."

The driving force behind creating GRAY LABL was to give back to the causes that I hold close to my heart. GRAY LABL reaches some of the most inspiring and influential men across fashion and editorial, music, YouTube, and beyond. GRAY LABL is where we take your grooming interests and connect you with the right product for the job. Built by a hairdresser who wants to help tell your personal story by making products that perform great, smell sexy, look amazing, and are innovative in its functionality. GRAY LABL carries your classic products such as pastes, clays, and pomades. We also wanted to make products that weren’t really catered to the modern man, but are just essential in your grooming rituals. As a male hairdresser who cares about his clients’ image, let GRAY LABL handle yours.

I truly feel everyone wants a sense of belonging and something to connect with when it comes to their own expression and personal image. Beauty and grooming has played a very big role in how we built our society. Shamanic practices in hair have dated back since ancient man, and now modern man uses social media to gain the attention of other humans, and showcase their personal self and lifestyle. I get the feeling that everyone has a rebellious side to them. Either you grew up being a Misfit or now it’s time to start expressing yourself and bring out that inner Misfit. As a Misfit myself, I find it important to give back. I always say “I can only give as much as I have; but If I have more, I will give more”. Thus, igniting that creative spark and drive in me to give that much more back in a bigger way.

Growing up in Hawaii sustainability of the islands has always been a big part of our land and community. I wanted to be help, and be part of change. Clean water is a necessity for survival. There are families that walk hours and miles to obtain it each day. Clean Water for the World allows them access to it within arms reach. The more these families have to do to get water, the more it takes away from children going to school and getting a proper education. A portion of our proceeds will be going to charities and organizations who are fighting for clean water access around the world. But, as a community here at BLK LABL we are also extremely interested in what causes YOU stand for, and would love to donate money in your name to those charities, so we can help you make this a world we can all enjoy.

It has been an absolute joy to be part of this journey, and I can’t wait for you to be part of this family, too. Let’s create a community of good looking Misfits, have fun while looking and feeling amazing, and be part of the movement of #humanshelpinghumans not just survive but thrive in the world.

– Geno Chapman